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    • Your right to live your Faith, love your Family, enjoy your Friends and work in Fellowship.
Here's what we think is inportant. In case you missed it on the front page.
Tom Vaillancourt's New Video
Health Care as Dictated by Obamacare
A threat to your Faith, Family, Friends, Fellowship and Finances
Now coming out of your paycheck
See Tom in person, his presentation schedule is below

Tom's Talks

Tom has visited and inspired these fine organizations.



June 25th, 7 PM Thu

San Martin Lyons Club

12415 Murphy Ave

San Martin, CA


Convention of States

February 25th 7PM
Gillroy Morgan Hill Patriots
12415 Murphy Ave
San Martin, CA


Jun 3rd 7 PM Wed

Turlock Tea Party

Latif's Restaurant

111 N. Golden State Blvd.

Turlock, CA


April 22nd 7 PM

Tea Party of the Hills
American Legion Hall

4561 Greenstone Rd.
Shingle Springs, CA


February 25th 6:30 PM
Nevada County tea Party
Nevada County Fairgrounds
11228 Mc Cortney Rd.
Grass Valley, CA

Here's a summary of 
Tom's new video.
Contact Tom directly
Here's just some of what you will see in the video:
  • Tom demonstrates Obamacare's ponderous, incomprehensible obfuscation compared with our succinct, brilliant Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • Tom explains how Obamacare's unconstitutional creations of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute and Independent Medicare Advisory Board attempt to create bureaucracies that are independent of and not accountable to the Congress or anyone else.
  • Tom shows how Obamacare is designed to fail in order to institute Single Payer Nationalized Medicine.
  • And as solution to the Healthcare problems, Tom offers a few simple ideas like Catastrophic Plans and Health Savings Accounts that put the patient in charge and will let the market reduce the cost and improve the delivery of Healthcare.

Tom Vaillancourt's Obamacare Presentations


Invite Tom to your group!

Thursday, May 16, 12 Noon at the Crow Canyon Country Club for the San Ramon Rotary.

Thursday, May 23, 6 pm at the Senior Center, Corner of 4th & South St. Corning, CA for the Corning Tea Party

Thursday, May 30, 11:30 am at the Claremont Country Club, 5295 Broadway, Oakland, CA for the  Piedmont Republican Women

Thursday, Jun 6, 6:30 pm at 2200 Mc Henery, Suite C, Modesto, CA for the Modesto Tea Party. 


Agenda 21 and Plan Bay area are taking away your property rights. Watch this video to see how bureaucrats smother your opinion. But don't lose heart, they know you disagree.  Let them know tah your and your family count by emails, paper mail, meetings and phone calls.
"IF I Wanted America To Fail"
Watch the video below
Saturday, April 13, 13 6:42:40 PM
Dragnet Lecture to Obama 
Joe Friday chastises Obama for using his intellect as a weapon, removing our freedom to the detriment of humankind.

I want... and YOU pay. 

Social Equity defined

Chris Pareja BLASTS Plan Bay Area for Racial Stereotyping.

Obama an Epic Failure

And we let him be re-elected
You don't deserve those who
Devalue Your Faith
Interfere with Your Family
Ignore Your Friends
Prevent Your Fellowship
Watch the video below

Expensive Medical Tourism Coming

Blocking you from the care you have now
Dr. Jeffrey Singer writing in the May issue of Reason magazine:

In the not-too-distant future, a small but healthy market will arise for cash-only, personalized, private care. For those who can afford it, there will always be competitive, market-driven clinics, hospitals, surgicenters, and other arrangements—including "medical tourism," whereby health care packages are offered at competitive rates in overseas medical centers. Similar healthy markets already exist in areas such as Lasik eye surgery and cosmetic procedures. The medical profession will survive and even thrive in these small private niches.
In other words, we're about to experience the two-tiered system that already exists in most parts of the world that provide "universal coverage." Those who have the financial means will still be able to get prompt, courteous, personalized, state-of-the-art health care from providers who consider themselves professionals. But the majority can expect long lines, mediocre and impersonal care from shift-working providers, subtle but definite rationing, and slowly deteriorating outcomes.
We already see this in Canada, where cash-only clinics are beginning to spring up, and the United Kingdom, where a small but healthy private system exists side-by-side with the National Health Service, providing high-end, fee-for-service, private health care, with little or no waiting.