Citizens Together Team


Tom Vaillancourt has worked tirelessly since 2009

researching, publicizing and presenting the oppression

directed at you, your family, your friends and your fellowships

from Obamacare.


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Ed Kulis became a conservative in college after reading Ayn Rand.

The three functions of government are:

Police – To deal with criminals

Military – To deal with threats to our country

Courts – To resolve our contracts

Any thing else that the government does is tyranny.



Dr. Pat Wagner

Dr. Pat is a physician and surgeon, licensed in 1981.

 Medical school, University of Nevada, 1980.  Residency UC Davis,

completion with Board Certification in General Surgery, 1985.

Inspired by Tom’s presentations on Obama care Dr. Pat joined our team in the Spring of 2015.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Pat for his insights into what’s happening to him and to all physicians in America as the Government dictates how your physician will treat you, your children and your family.

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