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Doctor and Patient Controlled Medicine

April 22nd, 2016


Patrick Wagner, MD

For both doctor and patient, the primary goal is accurate, effective and prompt medical service.  For the patient, the reasons are obvious, but for the doctor, the objectives have been distorted to the extreme, such that there is now no economic initiative to draw hopefuls into the profession. Doctors are just like everyone else.  We all want to get ahead financially and when we find a vocation suited to us, it’s like a dream.

For myself, the difference between how I did my business compared to how it’s done today is literally the difference between night and day.  The changes for the worse in morality, effectiveness, affordability, accuracy, and accessibility in the conduct of medicine forced me to cut my career short by about seven years.  Since leaving, it’s only grown worse yet, and my sole objective in speaking up is to help both doctor and patient correct a distinct wrong.

The two primary factors that stopped me were 1.) Immoral and dangerous regulation of my skills and judgment, and 2.) Anemic payment such that I could not profit and live the American dream any longer.  That dream was to be proud of my life’s work and to have enough money saved up to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and to die before that money ran out, and hopefully have a little remaining to give to my family.  No one believes me when I state these facts to them.  Also, it’s not too much to ask of the medical profession to treat my family, including my fellow physicians and I, the way I (we) treated all of the patients under my (our) care.  It’s the golden rule.

How do we establish a doctor and patient controlled medical system?  There are so many confusing and corrupt lies and policies in our face today that no one can push back.  So let’s get back and go home to the radical basics of business and constructively scrutinize the problem and establish a solution!

A doctor is a very simple person who knows a very large amount about human beings, the diseases we contract, and how to get rid of them.  Thus doctors are extremely valuable to society.  However, when it comes to many other important matters in life, like how to rear a child or how to run a business, or why one needs to be politically savvy and involved, they are novices.  They were and are vulnerable.

For me to be qualified as a general surgeon took 16 years after high school.  Every second of that education was of profound value for when I entered practice.  Not until I hung my shingle after those years did I begin to actually experience the practice of medicine and surgery, and the business world and risk.  Preparation for business is one thing, experiencing it is another, just like experiencing our modern day political cult.

Running a business is very basic and very liberating.  I work, I get paid, I pay my taxes, and spend and save as I see fit.  A doctor needs to know these things.  You must watch your overhead, your expenses and your requirement to profit, and you must be vigilant for any violation of these values.  We are finding out that doctors must protect their businesses in order to protect their patients!

A patient must look at getting sick the same way.  If you don’t work, you don’t eat, you don’t have shelter, and you can’t pay doctors, so it’s vital to save up money for when you do get sick.  That way, you get healthy as soon as possible, and get back to work and thus free-thinking to earn and spend money as you see fit.

How do we achieve these straightforward and essential goals?

First, doctors must advertise their fee and be available and demand cash for their services and live up to accountability.  This cuts out the middleman, thus freeing doctors from dangerous regulations which restrict their decision making power in the exercise of their judgment and skills, while at the same time enhancing their ability to profit from their work.

These changes truly will produce affordable care and patient protection, the “private practice medicine patient protection and affordable care act”, the chief executive officer of which is “We The People”.

I ask, is there a law which prohibits such activity?  The answer is no.  When one gets sick, and can readily and reliably find and choose a competitive and qualified physician and be willing to pay a competitive and reasonable price for excellent service, the system makes crystal clear sense and it works beautifully and shines like a jewel.  Word gets around.

The concept of a tax exempt health savings account is a basic and fundamental second goal.  People must recognize that if you don’t pay doctors dollars for service, one to one, we will continue to go down the road we are going down.  Would health savings accounts be against the law?  The answer is no.  All we have to do is make it a law and watch it work.  It is exhilarating!

Private practice medicine approved competitive and stringently accountable catastrophic medical insurance is a third fundamental goal.  Pay the claim for services rendered, no price controls or price fixing outside of the arrangement between a doctor and a patient, without any administrative function whatsoever in that private relationship.

So there we have it.  Business 101 for the novice doctor and for the typical uninformed  American citizen of today.  The opportunity is endless.  Just think of what a competitive, non regulated fee for service hospital will be like!  Selfish spirits quickly unite and transform into selfless spirits!  No more middleman.

Responsibility is vital in this essential, lifesaving and career producing system we call the art of medicine.  It is now critical for the doctor and patient controlled system to mushroom into a refreshing change for all concerned.  Why don’t we get to work and make it happen?  A beautiful, new and completely liberating thing, right around the corner.  You can put your money on that one!

Health Care Insurance is Not Medical Care

April 5th, 2016

Dr. Patrick Wagner

Your Insurance Company has become your

Primary Care Physician


My past profession was that of a general surgeon, a specialist doctor who “first line responder doctors” refer you to if you are really sick and dying and need an operation to live.  I am now 64 years old and face the sobering thought that I am at the age where the types of diseases I used to operate on are becoming a reality in my own life, and that sooner or later, I, as you, will need to access the help of a doctor.   It is of vital importance to understand that you are going to want the best.   I am sad for you, because that quality is not the case today, and my Hippocratic Oath sworn purpose is to make your life better by speaking up and telling you why it is not the case, and how to fix the problem.
For most of my colleagues, both retired and still working, it seems illogical and impossible to switch back to private practice medicine from the confusing and misleading system bewildering and cursing both doctor and patient in America today.  So much so that doctors do not speak up and patients do not ask questions.  Most people are dissatisfied and yet don’t know how to fix this horrible mess and worse yet don’t care.  I take issue with that position.
Wouldn’t you agree that to have someone there to help you when you get sick, especially with a disease that will kill you if you don’t get help is of utmost importance?  So why is it that we have allowed ourselves to become anxious and afraid and at the same time have a defeatist attitude?
Here we are in 21st century America, with all of our smarts, and can’t figure out why such a basic and vital service called safe and effective medical care isn’t available to everyone in America, and unfortunately, is becoming less and less available.  We now have the obligation to unify and clearly define a pathway to recapture private practice medicine by tackling the illogical and impossible.
Health care is defined in Noah Webster’s dictionary as “efforts made to maintain or restore health, especially by trained and licensed professionals”.  Since Webster doesn’t define medical care, I will.  Medical care is “efforts made to remove disease from patients and make them whole people again, by trained and licensed professionals”.  Thus, maintaining or restoring health is not the same thing as removing disease.  This is an important distinction that hopefully will become clear and explain what we must do to correct our medical system.
Health care is a phrase invented in the early 1990’s when health maintenance organizations (HMO’s), patterned after the longstanding Kaiser HMO (not that it’s important, but Kaiser means emperor), were allowed by our federal government’s de-regulation of catastrophic medical insurance companies, to become viable and highly profitable businesses with the distinct job of maintaining the patient’s health by administering the service and payment of the doctor-patient encounter.
The federal government has had a goal to take over the administration of the medical profession for much of the 20th century and has achieved its victory.  It was in the 1990’s when that goal finally became a reality.  The question is why did they do it?
By allowing the de-regulation of the above described insurance companies, both the government and its alliance with crony-capitalist HMO’s price-fixed and began to make the decisions about your health, your medical needs, and the allowable treatments and availability of qualified doctors.  The entire bureaucracy is geared for gouging profit, at the cost of doctors and patients, and it is all possible via the misleading entity called health care, and the instrument called health care insurance.
Doctors are no longer referred by word of mouth or by their reputations, because they all now “participate” on HMO panels or networks, including Medicare and Medicaid.  Doctors were all bought up by these entities, and were unwittingly sacrificed into bondage to an evil bureaucrat.
Americans were also unwittingly conscripted into a harmful and dishonest bondage, a program defined as (or pitched as) a tremendous benefit for those who it is offered to as a perk of their vocation, or for those who pay for it out of their hard earned disposable income as an “affordable and efficient” alternative to the private practice payment system.
But we are finding that this plan is not effective.  We are paying tremendously high prices for service, and we aren’t getting access to doctors anymore.  As you know, it’s really getting serious.
So how does it work?  The government and its crony now decide your value.  There is nothing personal about their decisions.  They choose your doctor, the place you will be treated, just how much the doctor will be allowed to do for you, and how much you are worth to them.  It’s all geared for massive profit.
That profit translates to higher premiums and deductibles, lower payment to doctors, and stingy regulation and rationing of vital treatments.  Please recognize that this middleman’s devious theft and unlawful profit need not happen if you pay your doctor cash for service, and that you will receive 100% of his/her heartfelt and devoted care to help you.  Health care insurance is the demon’s instrument of profit, and it’s not medical care.  Health care insurance is the assurance to financial ruin and complete loss of the resource called the medical profession.  Routine medical care should not be covered by insurance.  It should be paid for with cash, private practice style cash!
Today, the bureaucracy knows everything about you.  Everything is known about your doctors.  Decisions are made about both doctors and patients that limit access to increasingly lower quality treatment at increasingly higher cost.  You no longer get the medical care you pay for, and your doctors no longer get paid for the medical care rendered. The middleman gets the money and gets fatter and fatter.  In this case, the bureaucrat absorbs the resources of medicine and eventually runs out of other peoples money, with the inevitable end result of rationing medical care.
We speak of schizophrenic behavior now in our bloated government.  Schizophrenia can include flat affect, delusions of grandeur, and concrete thinking.  It’s a disease void of ethics and empathy and good feelings.    Good will doesn’t survive this type of system.  It’s impossible to hope that we can fix it.
Do we want the best or do we want to continue down the road we are traveling?  It is now time for the American people and the doctors who treat them to stop the tyrannical bureaucrat by no longer allowing that bureaucrat to senselessly kill our spirit and conscript us to bondage and destruction. How?  Stop paying them and stop working for them!  Start paying each other and working for each other again.  It’s called private practice medicine.  Stop the demon of health care insurance and health maintenance organizations and get the middleman out…All the way out!
It’s time to take a big deep breath, be still, pray, listen and ask each other to help each other and fix medicine, logically.  We can, no, we must do this!  We are doing this!

A Doctor’s Constitution

March 10th, 2016

by Dr. Patrick Wagner

The Constitution of the United States of America starts with the preamble “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”

Most people consider the “Hippocratic Oath”as the Doctors Constitution to promote the general welfare of the patient.

Not so long ago, most American doctors were faithful to a doctors’ constitution, a stash of established precedents or fundamental principles that doctors all adhered to and which governed their behavior.  In a nutshell, the motto was….

”The patient comes first”.  

Why?  It’s because the human organism is a unique and exceptional creation made up of many organ systems, each itself a functioning unit contributing to the whole.  A student of medicine works long and hard and exciting years to understand normal humans and then the diseases that plague these unique creatures, and finally how to intervene and remove those diseases.  To contribute to the end of the disease in a human being is indescribably gratifying for a doctor.  And each human being is made unique and exceptional.  No two of us are alike, and we are not cookie-cutter.  That is the fuel that powers the physician, and that is why “the patient comes first”.

Today in America we are plagued with a disease called socialized medicine.  This is evidenced by the two undeniable and increasingly lurking signs and symptoms which clinch the diagnosis.  Although many Americans are in denial, assuming they will never lose their doctors, the truth is we are in the throes of losing our doctors and don’t realize it.

The more intense of these signs and symptoms is the worry we wear when it’s our turn to get sick and need a doctor.  Will he/she be there to help us?  The less intense sign and symptom of this wretched disease is the worry that we will go broke if we are lucky enough to find a doctor who will agree to make us well.  These worries are powerful protective instincts, and we ought to pay attention.   “So you take your doctors for granted”!  Let’s see how you are doing without them.”

Many don’t remember when a doctor was a person whom you were proud to know. But many can now relate in their own profession, for instance a peace officer or a school teacher, from kindergarten to post-doc.  The honor or reputation is gone now, and we no longer even identify a good doctor, a good police officer or a good teacher.

Another commitment of a doctor’s constitution used to be truthful teaching.  It is extremely important to take the time to teach the patient everything about the disease he or she faces, and then to kindly tell him or her what the options are in treating it, to allay fear and gain confidence.  Informed decisions were so powerful and contained healing salve in and of themselves.  At the same time, a paid teacher, who can mislead and sway a decision or alter a protocol, can be equally powerful and deliberately non-transparent and take one in a dangerous direction.  Paid informants or expert witnesses can be untruthful teachers.

In the past, doctors pledged to know their limitations, based on the above mentioned rigorous training and experience.  When it was time for the privilege of serving patients and then experiencing the gratification of that service, they would know when to commit their skills and judgment and treat or to transfer the care of the patient to a readily available colleague better prepared to help.  Today doctors operate in handcuffs.  Consider having an operation by a limited surgeon, only allowed to do operations if those making the decisions about you give the thumbs up.  Or as bad, having to do an operation upon you because there is no other colleague to refer you to.  The doctor rapidly loses motivation and self-approval when having to live a lie.

Availability used to be a fundamental principle of a doctor’s constitution.  The beckoning of a sick patient, usually a phone call at any time, could be troubling for an off hours surgeon, especially if he had just finished a long day of operations, or had just eaten an eleven PM nuked dinner ready for bed, or not seeing his wife and kids, or a 5 AM sip of coffee while studying an owner’s manual or a hobby magazine.  A doctor used to be constantly vigilant, recognizing that a hugely challenging and unique sick human being could be right in front of him in 15 minutes, day or night, and that he had to be effective and engaged, no matter what.  That patient’s life and the doctor’s reputation depended on it!   That gratifying hands on, in person, one on one experience always smothered any fatigue which rapidly went away by the time the doc laid eyes on his or her patient and got down to business.  Availability was automatic then, and it was irresistible and perpetual!

A doctor’s constitution used to abjure from any harm of a patient or that patient’s family.  Doctors used to commit or omit therapy based on what’s best for the patient.  But today, a doctor commits or omits therapy based on what’s best for his employer, and that employer isn’t you.  In fact, that employer is cruel, and that employer is the purveyor or scandalmonger of your health care, and there is a tremendous conflict of interest.  That purveyor is a parasite, and doctor and patient are the prey.  Profit is the incentive, and you and your loved ones are harmed.  The doctor is an indentured servant who no longer calls the shots, and has no motivation or humanness or presence itself and both doctor and patient are destroyed by a peddler, a door to door salesman of make believe ideas.

Privacy used to be one of a doctor’s best tools.  It was constitutional.  A disease was always a puzzle for the doctor.  Every single time, in the best interest of the patient, a good doctor obtained not only a history of the present illness, but of the patient’s entire history.  Age, sex, vocation, habits, medications, etc. all were logged in to the doctor’s brain and your personal chart.  It was of utmost importance to operate this way, because these facts were very, very private and at the same time vital for the doctor, one doctor, and nobody else, so that he or she could effectively do their job protecting your safety while helping you.  Of equal importance was a thorough and private physical examination.

To illustrate, let’s use a 54 year old happily married, healthy appearing county supervisor who went to the doctor with the symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease,  and he was really afraid.  Now when the doctor asked specific questions in obtaining all of the history about this complaint, the patient stated that he committed adultery.  The doctor was discreet, understood etiology and formulated a diagnosis which was entered into a very private record, “a secret even after the patient dies”.  However, the doctor used to be cautious for that patient’s wife’s health, admonishing his patient’s behavior and suggesting correcting it, while simultaneously treating the disease.  It depended on the degree.  The doctor used to be real, and he would tell the patient’s wife in a split second if the supervisor continued his carelessness after curing him that first time.

Place yourself in the following setting.  You are in an exam room and an indifferent PA or NP enters, turns his or her head to a computer screen, sits down and asks for further clarification of a questionnaire you filled out in the waiting room.   Then more questions, and all of it entered into the computer; financial, medical, all of it.  Where does this data go?  How is it used?   Will the computer be hacked?  Will the computer crash?  What about a thorough and professional physical exam?

Today there is fraud, deceit, waste, indifference, inefficiency, misconduct, cruelty and neglect.  There are no friends.  There is no kindness.  Doctors and those working with them just don’t care.  People can’t even identify a doctor.  It all just blends in and it’s indifferent and inefficient and scary.

Truth is, we don’t need a careless purveyor of evil between a doctor and a patient.  We need caring partners who treat each other with respect, like friends.  We need to depend on each other again, inspiring trust and safety and freedom herself, not fear.

That lifesaving alternative?  It’s called private practice medicine, and it’s a simple transformation from inhumane to humane, ordinary to unique, mundane to exceptional, sloppy to impeccable,

It does not fail!

It is not make believe and it is healthy, not sick!

It is never loosing faith in the Hippocratic Oath!

It is always putting the patient first!

It is following the Doctor’s Constitution!


Never let a super-anything superimpose itself on a free world

August 2nd, 2015

The Battle for Freedom Continues Today

I just watched Battleground (1949). The film portrayed the men fighting in 1945 in Bastogne, France during the Battle of the Bulge. The Chaplains message still warns us today:

We must never again let any force dedicated to a super-race…
or a super-idea, or super-anything…
become strong enough to impose itself upon a free world.


In the film, the Chaplain’s message at Christmas 1945 answers why we must fight against people and ideas that would enslave us or kill us. There is no compromise between food and poison, there is no compromise between life and death, there is no compromise between our super intrusive government and the Freedom to follow your Faith, care for your Family, celebrate with your Friends or work and build with your Fellowships without interference.

As you read the Chaplain’s words, think today of ISIS, think today of radical Islam and think today of our Super-Government that glorifies gay marriage while ignoring murder.

The Chaplain’s Message – Christmas 1945

Watch the message

These services aren’t just for Lutherans, any more than just for men from Ohio.
I merely happen to be in your area.
In other areas, there are other chaplains of various denominations and religions.
All of us Holy Joes are switch-hitters. Earlier this month in Holland,
I held Hanukkah services for some of the men of the Jewish faith.
How did I do, Levenstein?
Not bad for a beginner, sir.
Now it’s nearly Christmas and here we are in beautiful Bastogne enjoying the winter sports.
And the $64 question is:
“Was this trip necessary?”
I’ll try to answer that.
But my sermons, like everything else in the army depend on the situation and the terrain.
So I assure you this is going to be a quickie.
Was this trip necessary?
Let’s look at the facts.
Nobody wanted this war but the Nazis.
A great many people tried to deal with them, and a lot of them are dead.
Millions have died for no other reason
except that the Nazis wanted them dead.
So, in the final showdown, there was nothing left to do except fight.
There’s a great lesson in this.
Those of us who’ve learned it the hard way aren’t going to forget it.
We must never again let any force dedicated to a super-race…
or a super-idea, or super-anything…
become strong enough to impose itself upon a free world.
We must be smart enough and tough enough in the beginning…
to put out the fire before it starts spreading.
So my answer to the $64 question is:
Yes, this trip was necessary.
As the years go by, a lot of people are going to forget.
But you won’t.
And don’t ever let anybody tell you…
you were a sucker to fight in the war against Fascism.
And now, Jerry permitting, let us pray.
Let us pray for this fog to lift.
Almighty God…
The artillery is hitting those bass notes a little too loud for me to be heard.
So let us each pray in his own way, to his own God.
When you hear planes, men, don’t bother to look up.
They’ll be ours.

Dr. Pat joins our team.

August 2nd, 2015


Dr. Pat Wagner

Dr. Pat is a physician and surgeon, licensed in 1981.

Medical school, University of Nevada, 1980. Residency UC Davis,

completion with Board Certification in General Surgery, 1985.

Inspired by Tom’s presentations on Obama care Dr. Pat joined our team in the Spring of 2015.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Pat for his insights into what’s happening to him and to all physicians in America as the Government dictates how your physician will treat you, your children and your family.


Citizens Talking!

July 19th, 2015

Here’s our new blogs where our team members can update their views to save our country.

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