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Patrick Wagner, MD

The prognosis of government and special interest health care is summed up in one word, and that word is grim.  But for both doctor and patient, this is good news, because now we can forge ahead in a relationship wherein both parties will calmly and caringly profit from the inconvenient yet inevitable experience when it becomes our turn.

For those “comfortable” doctors and patients who find security in our present sick health care system, are you ever in for a surprise!

Let’s look at some features of the future of American medicine for “comfortable” doctors and follow with features of the future for “comfortable” patients.

Doctor, you are about to start “busting it” or you simply won’t last in this business.  There are many young stallions out there in America aspiring to an extraordinary career who will not be bridled by our present day academic, wimpy special interest teachers and settle for a mediocre job working for somebody other than a patient!  When again given the opportunity by the patients to excel during their training experience the way they must in order to cut the umbilical cord and become strong and self-confident independent clinicians, we shall see what fierce competition can do, even to the teachers of medicine and the burned out old timers still slaving for the system.

Another lesson we have learned from the temporary overthrow of the free market system of American medicine is that of a “business sense”.   A medical business is not a ministry and a good and ethical doctor is in business as a competitor.  Although doctors naturally treat patients with every bit of tenacity and T.L.C. they can muster if motivated, and do so tirelessly, they must be paid for their efforts, and respected by those they serve.  After all, even doctors have bills to pay and appreciate compliments for a job well done.

And now for you patients out there who are fairly “comfortable” in allowing our wayward government bureaucrats and special interest to take care of you as opposed to taking care of yourself.  You as well will start “busting it”, and if you don’t have any savings other than Social Security and Medicare, you will have to liquidate assets to pay for medical service or get a job or have somebody in your family front you, because you will need cash.  You’ve known your whole life that this day was coming and that Social Security and Medicare were never meant to supplant personal savings, personally purchased catastrophic medical insurance or personal pensions.  And if you truly want high quality, competitive, affordable, compassionate, readily available medical care from qualified, competitive medical professionals, you’ll have to pay for it like everybody else in the free market system or simply remain stingy and put up with the mediocre medical system you believe in now, and be treated accordingly for as long as that pathetic system lasts.

Although it might not be possible to completely do away with government assistance for the able bodied “disabled”, it sure will be nice to be rid of fraud and a lot of our selfish citizens out there.  How is it possible to get rid of our fraud problem?  The answer is simple.  Doctors are changing and becoming competitive and honest again, and working for patients, not bureaucrats.  The nitch of “disability doctor” is going away!  Isn’t it wonderful to recognize the power of the free market?

Also recognize that Americans always provide charity for the truly disabled.  It’s in our DNA, and it’s giving without expecting anything back, unlike the “charity” of bureaucracy which does expect something back; a lot back.

In summary, the free market and fierce, killer competition is the driving force of successful commerce, and parasites are not welcome.  The prognosis of government and special interest health care is grim, but the prognosis of free enterprise medicine and competition and energy and the attendant good will of Americans with a common goal is bright indeed!

Fasten your seat belts and get ready, because here it comes, and all Americans are going to be glad.  All Americans.


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