The Handwriting Is On The Wall

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Dr. Patrick Wagner

It is amazing, being a retired general surgeon for over 10 years , seeing the opening of the eyes of the public as we begin to recognize the wary conduct of the American medical profession.

People have been curious to know just why I quit my practice prematurely and I have told them through the years everything I possibly could without making them think I am a raging maniac.   It reminds me of when the important and caring time came when I used to describe the rationale, risk and alternatives about major operations to my patients, the so called informed consent.  If done artistically, which it always was, that patient trusted me and signed the dotted line.  The last thing an ethical doctor would do is scare a patient, as you would never perform an operation!  That artistry was fueled by self-confidence, character, the golden rule and experience.  It’s simple.  Just be a nice and caring guy and do the best you can for the patient, every single time.  It’s about reputation and it keeps you as busy and motivated as you want to be.

In these question and answer sessions with concerned people, the one thing they invariably ask is….”Why can’t it be like it used to be?  I get sick, I go to my doctor, I get well with his help, and I pay him.”  Exactly!!

In a neat, short, easy to read, and exactly correct little book, called “Common Sense Medicine”, by author Jeff Danby, and published by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, or AAPS, Mr. Danby hits the nail on the head when he describes a process called “regulatory capture”, wherein a third party intruder of the doctor/patient relationship (the government bureaucrat) must rely on the “dark side doctor” and crooked special interest health maintenance organization, to super-regulate private practice doctors for the bottom line shrewd “return on investment”, or profiteering at the expense of sick people and those dedicated to helping them.  A huge complicated and corrupt mess occurs, which is precisely what we have now.

These are the features that ruined my practice of surgery in the early 1990’s in Sacramento.  Why didn’t doctors revolt?  It’s because of the perception fed to the public that doctors are greedy and careless.  It was and remains impossible to fight that attack, the attack of ambulance chasing lawyers and their conquered victim ignorant physicians.  Doctors don’t understand the simple free enterprise principles of constitutionally provided commerce.  However, hospital systems have weathered this storm because they went to the dark side like the pathetic few medical doctors did who ruined my profession.

As Mr. Danby points out, industry insiders end up “tweaking” the government rules, and the regulatory mess is so ridiculous that it falls, and all of the people of America lose out to evil.

Now we have the evidence that Obamacare is not doable from an economic standpoint.  To re-distribute wealth and at the same time regulate production out of existence is not feasible.  The spirit of a physician is killed. The spirit of a patient is killed.  The greedy thief gains the spoil and those they rule lose.  How cruel is that?

I must scare you into reality, because you face disease without doctors now.  Sure, you go to the health care provider, but that provider doesn’t understand what it takes to make you better.  Said another way, the skyrocketing cost of “health care insurance” is inversely proportional to the availability and quality of those helping you now.  Every increase dollar you now pay is one dollar into the pocket of a thief, and your fiscal access to safe, effective, and caring medical treatment is proportionately lost.

My recommendation (prescription), as one who knows exactly what’s going on, and who wants your best, is to read the book “Common Sense Medicine”, by Jeff Danby, published by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).  The AAPS is reachable at  Do it today for the truth about the exact solution to our failing health care system.  Petition universities to become unshackled from government regulation, including post-graduate institutions like medical schools.  We want good doctors again, not “health care providers”.

It’s not me who’s a lunatic, it’s Obama and the radical liberal progressive regime.  The handwriting is on the wall.  I hope I have scared you straight, because that’s what you need now.



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