Confession of a Surgeon

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Dr. Patrick Wagner


It has been my opinion since quitting my vocation as a general surgeon, that doctors suffer from burnout, and are slaves to the destructive forces of government/special interest administrators (bureaucrats) in the conduct of the healing art.

Lies now govern the conduct of a physician, and yet no physician still in practice will admit it.  Upon quitting, not until I went through my time of bitterness, jealousy and envy, and felt the pain of obscurity and devaluation, was I able to “let it go”.  Many, many of my colleagues did not have that opportunity.  Thus, it is time for the confession of a surgeon.

Doctors now work for a paycheck, not for a patient.   They serve themselves, not those they promise to serve in their training.  “Do no harm” has been replaced by “Do what you need to do to get paid”.

Remember doctors are patients too and having experienced and mastered the art of medicine, all patients (including me) become emotional when we get sick.  All wise and compassionate doctors understand this fact.   Then is when caring for emotions becomes critical for proper healing.  If one doesn’t know how to care for a patient’s emotions, patients also burn out and become skeptical and fearful.  The doctor/patient contract is breached.

When attempting to clarify these points to the purveyors of a third party system, I have been called both a gutless coward and unethical, and dismissed for the attempt.  All doctors are labelled as cowards now, unless they acquiesce to control of third party payers, and pay attention to the rules.  Then, they are showcased as perfect little health care providers.  Doctors accept the curse or lose their job!

Why?  Doctors are only human.   They conform to a lie, a belief that language and action which could offend political or religious or other social sensitivities, should be eliminated.  This pattern is fueled by lawless opportunistic fools who pitch the lies and gain more and more power and influence over our trust and belief in each other, both doctor and patient, replacing it with trust and belief in them.  All of this by design.   And in the end in our fogginess, anger and bitterness betray our ability to reason and to sort out why we feel the way we feel as we become trapped in a bad contract.

This third party is a bad partner.  He has not entered the contract in good faith.  He has provided misleading information and has taken profoundly unusual and dangerous risks.  Our new and bad partner, of both doctor and patient, has used his opportunity to gain wealth by fraudulently acting contrary to our ethical standards, thus destroying our coveted resource of healing and stealing and coveting and squandering our hard earned money, our skills and judgment, our morals, and our sacred friendship.

What is the result for both physician and patient?  Rationing of unaffordable “health care” by incompetent slaves.  Neither the doctor nor the patient is definable in a commercial action now.  Can you imagine being operated on by a person who doesn’t know what he is doing?  Can you imagine not being paid by a fool who thinks your work isn’t worthy of pay?  That is third world.  The patient gets no “bang for his buck” and the doctor gets no “buck for his bang”.

I confess that I have stood by and painstakingly (and without recourse) watched the destruction of the medical profession, having escaped it and having moved on to another vocation which is “still” reasonable, but under attack.  That’s right, under attack.  Isn’t all business under attack now?  Yes, now I speak up, and I tell you that you and I must now negotiate our doctor/patient contract again.  Are you not feeling afraid and hopeless now?

Doctors are created and trained to remove disease. When a person contracts a disease, he becomes a patient, no longer in control of his life.  He must rely on the doctor, not a bureaucratic robot, to replace that feeling with a feeling of hope, and regain complete control of his life.  A government or special interest bureaucracy cannot bring humanness and hope.  It cannot care for human emotion.

These are the laws of nature and of God and as we are witnessing, they cannot be violated without dire consequences.  We must now eliminate the fraud and cease acquiescence to political hacks, both doctors and patients alike, and start caring for each other once again without the parasitic and life killing bureaucracy.  We must restore affordability, comfort and safety to our contract.

How?  I recently read a short little powerful book published by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) aapsonline.orgcalled “Common Sense Medicine”, by author Jeff Danby (not a doctor, but a real smart guy).  In it, Mr. Danby defines the essence of the doctor/patient relationship, the political hack that has destroyed it, and the solutions in transforming the mess of “health care” insurance into an ethical, efficient, safe and affordable system of the delivery of the best medical care in the world.  A must read for everyone in America.  You need to know the secret in order to fix the problem.  The good news?  We’re underway!



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