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By Dr. Patrick Wagner

The left will tell you that Health Insurance is your right and if you cannot afford it or do not want it the government has every right to force you to get it.

Keep in mind this very important point.

Health Insurance is not Health Care!

Let’s look at this issue from the point of view of health care is your right.

In our American free society, your health care, or maintenance of your health is your right, just as your life, your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness are your rights.  Keep in mind that you cannot have rights without the corresponding duties and responsibilities.  If you want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness you also have to take the responsibility for your actions or lack thereof!

Our federal government has violated our health maintenance right and has taken it away from us.  To illustrate this fact, what does a tooth, pet, a child and a car have in common?  The answer?  They all have a person who is responsible for their safety, and maintenance.

Who is responsible for you?  The answer is simple, really, you and only you are responsible for you.  Surely it’s not the government or your boss, or perhaps your spouse, is it?  So you are responsible for your own health maintenance program, or at least you should be!  Please allow me to explain.

Being responsible for your  tooth, you decide whether you are going to brush that tooth, floss it, limit corrosive foodstuffs, have it examined by the dentist, have it x-rayed, have it cleaned by the dental hygienist at the dentist’s office, filled if it’s got a cavity, extracted if it’s rotten, etc.  You seek out service, and you pay cash for services rendered.  Tooth care remains a healthy arrangement between you and those promoting tooth care, and it’s your right to maintain your tooth’s health because that is your responsibility.   After all, do you want someone, anyone, coming up to you saying they are going to tell you how to take care of your teeth whether you like it or not.

Being the owner of your dog or cat, you are responsible for it.  You buy food and feed it, you groom it, and you take it to the vet for wellness checks, diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment, and so forth.  You pay cash for services rendered. Health maintenance directed by you is a good and healthy arrangement, and it remains your right to maintain your dog’s health, because you are its’ master.

Being responsible for your child, you decide where that child goes to school, whether you will consent to vaccine programs at a time when no epidemic exists, what your child consumes, and whether you will consent to medical or surgical procedures.  The responsibility of informed consent rests upon a parent or guardian of any child less than 18 years of age.  It’s the law!  You seek out service, pay cash for that service, and so far as health maintenance is concerned, it’s a good and healthy arrangement.  Child health care remains your right, because you are responsible for your child.

Being the owner of your car, your decide whether you are going to get oil changes, lube jobs, tire rotations, and recommended motor checkups at the dealer.  You also decide whether you are going to purchase auto insurance, but that should be a no brainer, because it’s the responsible thing to do.  The law requires you carry liability insurance, but not collision, etc. You have the freedom to choose additional coverage if you want it.  You seek out auto service, you pay cash for that service, and it’s a good and healthy arrangement.  It’s your right to maintain your car’s health, because you are its’ owner.

From the above, it’s easy to recognize just how effective money is, isn’t it?  But, being responsible for yourself, you have to maintain you.  The question is, why have you turned over your responsibility, your duty to maintain your health, to a health maintenance organization?   What you ingest, inhale, inject or rub on yourself is your responsibility, just as how much you eat, what you eat, etc. Whose fault is it if you are fat or indolent?

You have given up your right to choose what you will and won’t do to maintain your health.  If you depend on the media to give you ideas, remember it’s called advertisement.  Advertisement is designed to fabricate a misleading feeling of happiness!

There is no question that when you and or your parents were fed the lie that doctors and hospitals were responsible for the massive and disproportionate inflationary costs of services rendered for medical and surgical care, a lie that got around in the last quarter of the 20th century, and that the government would fix it, you liked what you heard, and you went for it.  After all, if it looks good and feels right, and if everybody is on the same wavelength, why not?

Why not?  It’s because a swindling middleman is now in control of you, because you have given your health care choices to him.   Your cash (or your work benefits) are profiting this snake at the cost of you and your doctors.  Therefore, your health maintenance is decided by a swindler, not a doctor, and that swindler doesn’t give a hoot about you.

It is my contention that you won’t understand the concept of providing for your own health care maintenance with your cash dollars, paid to those providing the service and to those alone, until the present arrangement looks bad and feels wrong.  It’s called experience, and our present experience is certainly getting expensive.  Haven’t we paid enough?  We can do a lot better!

Your health care maintenance is your responsibility.  Just as for your tooth, your cat, your kid, or your car, you must pay cash, pay in full, and pay promptly for your health care maintenance.  That’s what makes the world go round, and it’s called adherence to a “deal”.  So, start paying for health maintenance service, not for a thieving, inhumane, stingy bureaucrat.  It’s time to say NO!

Do you know what’s really scary about all of this?  It’s that because you’ve given up your health maintenance responsibilities, you have also given up your medical care decisions.  That’s right, you no longer have the right to choose the therapy or the practitioner or treatment you will receive if you get sick!  That’s really scary, because the same inhumane thief bureaucrat now rules the present day layman excuse (or disguise) for a doctor….. A nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant with their back to you looking at a computer screen, or worse yet a “bean counting suit actuarial clerk”, assigning you a number in code, because you are simply a unit now.  Your health care maintenance and your medical care choices are your responsibility!

In closing, here’s a little food for thought offered by a retired general surgeon:

1      Show me an American made doctor over 55 still working and I’ll  show you a guy who can’t afford to        retire.

2.   Show me an American made doctor over 50 who would want his kid to become a doctor, and I’ll show you a foolish parent.

3.     Show me a retired American made doctor who wouldn’t hesitate to be admitted to a present day acute care hospital, and I’ll show you a doctor who has a fool for a patient.

4.     Why has the California state legislature passed “Death with dignity”, or assisted suicide?   I thought we dealt with that when society put Jack Kevorkian away!

5.   Why has the California legislature passed prescribing power for laymen (nurses and pharmacists)?

6.   Why has the California legislature passed over informed consent and ended personal belief exemption in vaccine programs administered without epidemics?

For each of these comments and for each of these questions, the nexus is no doctor, no treatment, and more control by bureaucrats.  We have given up our responsibility to provide for and administer our health care maintenance, and by default our medical treatment, to tyrants.  You will fix it, guaranteed!  You will soon say NO!

When you give up your responsibility to maintain your health, you give up your right to control your health, thereby giving up you right to control your life!!



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  1. edk says:

    Get the government out of Health Care. Use Anne Coulter’s solution:
    “In America, it shall be legal to sell health insurance on the free market. This law supersedes all other laws, taxes, mandates, coverage requirements, regulations or prohibitions, state or federal.”

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