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Tom Vaillancourt's Video Health Care as Dictated by the Government
A threat to your Faith, Family, Friends, Fellowship and Finances
2016 - It's Time To Take Back the Country

 Learn how to take back control of the medical decisions you make for your family and for yourself.

Tom Vaillancourt, in this video, shows you what Government is taking from you right now.
We live in a great country because of the hard work and the goodness of people just like you. 

Tom shows you how the Government is disrupting your day to day life 

and this is only the beginning. 

Government will take more and more from you unless you act now to take back control of you and your family's medical decisions.

Tom's May 2016 Video Is Here!
Government Controlled Health Care
with Special Guest Dr. Patrick Wagner
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Protect yourself and your family from the Super-Government arising before our eyes
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Dr. Pat Joins Our Team

Dr. Pat is a physician and surgeon, licensed in 1981.

Medical school, University of Nevada, 1980. Residency UC Davis,

completion with Board Certification in General Surgery, 1985.

Inspired by Tom’s presentations on Obama care Dr. Pat joined our team in the Spring of 2015.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Pat for his insights into what’s happening to him and to all physicians in America as the Government dictates how your physician will treat you, your children and your family.

Expensive Medical Tourism Coming

Blocking you from the care you have now
Dr. Jeffrey Singer writing in the May issue of Reason magazine:

In the not-too-distant future, a small but healthy market will arise for cash-only, personalized, private care. For those who can afford it, there will always be competitive, market-driven clinics, hospitals, surgicenters, and other arrangements—including "medical tourism," whereby health care packages are offered at competitive rates in overseas medical centers. Similar healthy markets already exist in areas such as Lasik eye surgery and cosmetic procedures. The medical profession will survive and even thrive in these small private niches.
In other words, we're about to experience the two-tiered system that already exists in most parts of the world that provide "universal coverage." Those who have the financial means will still be able to get prompt, courteous, personalized, state-of-the-art health care from providers who consider themselves professionals. But the majority can expect long lines, mediocre and impersonal care from shift-working providers, subtle but definite rationing, and slowly deteriorating outcomes.
We already see this in Canada, where cash-only clinics are beginning to spring up, and the United Kingdom, where a small but healthy private system exists side-by-side with the National Health Service, providing high-end, fee-for-service, private health care, with little or no waiting.

Obama an Epic Failure

And we let him be re-elected
You don't deserve those who
Devalue Your Faith
Interfere with Your Family
Ignore Your Friends
Prevent Your Fellowship
Watch the video below


Agenda 21 and Plan Bay area are taking away your property rights. Watch this video to see how bureaucrats smother your opinion. But don't lose heart, they know you disagree.  Let them know the your and your family count by emails, paper mail, meetings and phone calls.

Tom's Upcoming Presentations

Health Care as Dictated by the Government


Wednesday, July 6th

Turlock Tea Party
Grizzly Rock Cafe
4905 North Golden State
Turlock, CA
6:30 PM


Thursday, July 14th

Tri- Valley Republican Women Federated
Beeb’s Sports Bar and Grill Banquet Room
(At Las Positas Golf Course)
915 Clubhouse Drive
Livermore, CA
Exit 580 @ Airways Blvd.


Convention of States

The federal government has overreached it's constitutionally established boundaries. 
Article V of the US Constitution allows us to call a Convention of States to restrict the power and jurisdiction of the federal government to oust the ruling beaureaucrats. 
Working together with our state legislators we can eliminate Washington DC's abuses of our liberties.
Click here to find out more.
Heritage Action 
Educates Congress for You
Join them

-- Email or call -- 

Alexa Legas
Phone #: 202-548-5298

Heritage Action has proven to be very successful in lobbying your representatives.  They have a program call Heritage Sentinel, were you can get up to date information and ways to be a more effective activist.  Click here for more information.  You have all the info needed for them to get to Heritage Sentinel.

Dethrone the dictaphone. Hit 'em in the funny bone. That's where they expect it least.

Celeste Paradise serenades the fascist MTC/ABAG leaders with her own rendition of "America the Beautiful"

Tom and Obamacare
Tom Vaillancourt has worked tirelessly since 2009

researching, publicizing and presenting the oppression

directed at you, your family, your friends and your fellowships

from Obamaca

Tom's Thoughts Archives

Past Issues of 

Thought's at Large

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Tom's Thoughts Archives

Past Issues of 

Thought's at Large

Click here


Tom Vaillancourt has worked tirelessly since 2009 researching, publicizing and presenting the oppression directed at you, your family, your friends and your fellowships from Obamacare.

Ed and Freedom

Ed Kulis became a conservative in college after reading Ayn Rand.

The three functions of government are:

Police – To deal with criminals

Military – To deal with threats to our country

Courts – To resolve our contracts

Any thing else that the government does is tyranny.

We want you! Our freedom is at stake.  
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"IF I Wanted America To Fail"
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